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Depression & Anxiety: Depression and anxiety can be caused by overwhelming life circumstances, or they can result from traumatic events from the past influencing your life experiences in the present. Both are typically a symptom of what is happening currently in your life and both symptoms usually respond very well to treatment. In cases of long term, chronic stress, depression or anxiety can become chronic or debilitating. A person may develop panic attacks or suicidal thoughts and the symptoms of depression or anxiety can become so bad that the quality of your  life is disrupted. Even cases of chronic depression and anxiety respond well to treatment, sometimes even better than situational anxiety and depression.


Life Transitions & Crises: There are several times in ones life when we can have difficulties in transitioning between phases in our lives. Making the transition from childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, single adult to marriage/domestic partnership, becoming a family, divorce/separation, raising a family and taking care of an aging parent, retirement, etc. These are all examples of transitional life periods. These transitional times are incredibly stressful periods and often difficult to navigate.


Women's Issues: I offer therapy that also takes into account the needs of women through a feminist therapy approach. The impact of sexism within the systems of the culture have a significant impact on women's individual lives. Sexism itself can cause anxiety, depression, relational issues, problems in employment, health, quality of healthcare, etc., and information relayed to women through these systems, or the lack of appropriate information relayed to women directly impact their well-being. Women-sensitive therapy is vital to helping give voice to the reality of a woman's experience, and to empower women to be knowledgeable advocates for themselves. I also offer useful information and support for women who are adjusting to perimenopause/menopause, surgical menopause or who are considering having a hysterectomy, suffering from depression or mood swings caused by perimenopause, menopause or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.


Teens Issues: I have over 20 years experience working with teens from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and from very difficult and trouble teens to teens with general life transition and adjustment issues. Much of my teen experience is with teens who have mental health, behavioral, and delinquency problems, which has better prepared me to help with teens who have all kinds of issues. I provide therapy for teens that is teen specific, and I use more than just talk therapy. Most teens relate better if they have a variety of ways to express themselves, such as through art, sandtray work, games and other forms of creative therapeutic approaches. I am often able to "get through" to teens when other therapists fail. Call me, I can help! Please note, unfortunately due to my location I am unable to work with more aggressive  or sexually aggressive teens.


Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Issues: I have served Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Adults, Teens and their families for over 20 years. I can help with transitioning, coming out issues, relationship issues, spirituality, etc. Family counseling is available for parents of teens with sexual and/or gender identity issues. I offer support for alternative families, and to youth of gay, lesbian, and transgendered parents.


Grief and Loss: loss comes in many forms. It may mean coming to terms with the loss of loved ones, the loss of an important relationship, significant partner, loss of health, loss of previous life status, employment, ability to have children, or a major life transition.


Trauma Specialist: I am a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress. Survivors of violent crime, sexual assault/ rape/sexual abuse (against males and females of all ages, sexual and gender identities), child abuse of all forms, traumatic deaths (homicide/suicide/sudden unexpected death) and traumatic life events. I don't like to be very specific in defining trauma because many things traumatize people, so I have simplified this by saying, "traumatic life events." If something happened in your life you felt traumatized by, that is a "traumatic life event," and I can help you cope with it. I also treat multiplicity (MPD or DID). Member of ISSD, AAETS.


EMDR Therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a newer, unique approach to therapy that stimulates your nervous system and memory processing rapidly. The goal of EMDR is to help you improve the overall quality of your life and reduce the emotional pain associated with a traumatic events or childhood abuse! People who have not been traumatized will find EMDR helpful for stopping fears or thoughts that interfere with your goals and dreams! EMDR is a SHORT TERM approach to therapy, lasting from 3-12 sessions.


Survivors of Childhood Abuse: I have worked with survivors of all kinds of childhood abuse, incest, and childhood torture all of my career. I have experience with some of the most unusual and unbelievable types of child abuse that can occur. I can't say I've seen it all, but I can say I've seen more than a lot of therapists. Some of this includes severe neglect, kidnapping, polygamy, child rape, sex rings, child pornography, parents who have attempted to kill their children, abuse by siblings, forced prostitution w/cross dressing, kids with parents in prison, molestation by female perpetrators, etc. I also have experience treating sexual perpetrators (both male and female), which gives me more insight into helping abuse survivors. I list these because often therapists who work with child abuse may not have experience with some of the more severe or unusual forms of abuse.


Dissociative Disorders: I am specially trained through the International Society for the Study of Dissociation to treat Dissociative Disorders. I am considered a Trauma Specialist by this organization. I follow the ISSD guidelines in the treatment of dissociative disorders and have experience with several cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder.


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No one likes to admit that they may need some help (not even therapists). When things in life get especially tough, it is only natural to become guarded and self-protective. After all, when you are angry and hurt, life seems to be spinning out of control, or your relationship with a partner or your family is in trouble, the idea of going to a therapist to "talk about my feelings" can sound insensitive at best.  However, it is during this time that you are most likely to benefit from the support of a therapist. Our culture tells us that people who need therapy are weak or crazy, "I don't need therapy, I'm not crazy, I'm just going through a bad time." Our culture's value in being tough, independent, and solving your own problems, actually works against us. It is human nature to rely on one another; we are social creatures. It is the foundation of how we learn and grow as human beings. The truth is knowing when to reach out for help and support is actually a strength. The majority of people who see a therapist are strong, mentally healthy people who understand that obtaining the support of a professional is helpful at certain times in life. They find their life is more satisfying and rewarding because of participating in therapy.

    Therapy is the most helpful to you before a crisis gets out of hand. Prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of a crisis. So if you are able to, seek out treatment BEFORE the crisis begins. But, if you are like most people and have waited until a crisis has happened, don't worry, therapy can still be very helpful to you.

    To learn more about therapy, check out the "What is Therapy All About Anyhow?" section or review this helpful checklist, "Do I Need Therapy?" to see if you or your child might benefit from therapy.

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E-Therapy Video Counseling is available to people who are unable to attend therapy in the therapist's office. You must have a webcam and be able to connect to the internet using a broadband, cable or satellite connection. Here's how it works. You and I agree upon a meeting time, you call me using skype, or a messenger program such as MSN or Yahoo, and just like in face-to-face therapy, we meet in a confidential setting, except that we will be meeting on-line and viewing each other through our computers. We talk to each other through a "video-chat." I can provide you with talk therapy this way, but am unable to provide other forms of therapy through Video Therapy. It is also important to understand that it is NOT as confidential as meeting in person. I cannot guarantee your privacy because people can access the signal over the internet. In addition, this form of therapy is not as effective as meeting face-to-face. It is always better to be in a room together. If you are interested in "videochatting" call me to learn more about this!






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