The Generic Alter System

Common Alters Systems Found in Dissociative Identity Disorder




The Kids:

-     have the memories

-     react out of fear

-     are locked in time




The Enforcers/Protectors:

-     protected the child

-     are controlling

-     punish the Kids & Host

-     block healing or therapy

-     act like the abusers

-     defends abusers

-     use addictions to control

-     may use fear to protect secrets

-     may harm the body to control, like cutting




The Helpers:

-      have wisdom

-      give guidance

-      hold spirituality

-      know what is happening in the system give the system 


-      provide comfort to the Kids



The Doers:

-     have specific jobs or talents, such as

     the student, the cook,

     the one who works, the doctor,

     the one who drives the car

-     may not talk with other parts of the

    system (other alters)

-     may do their job at expense of the rest of the system



The Host:

-     the one who is out in the body the most

-     the one everyone else is protecting

-     gets to make it all work



Others: there are often other parts that are not listed above.

-     They may just be feelings

-     They may be angels, devils, demons, or other spiritual entities

-     They may be animals

-     They may only have one role, such as the one who has sex, the one who feels rage, the one who feels fear, etc.





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