contact therapist, los angeles, california, experienced therapist, contact therapist for If you are interested in therapy or need crisis help, you can call me at

contact therapist, los angeles, california, experienced therapist, contact therapist for (323) 829-3548

This is my voicemail number and pager.

If you need help right away, page me at this number and enter *911 at the end of your number so I know it is an emergency. Emergencies include life-threatening and serious emergency situations such as sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, domestic violence, child abuse and other forms of potentially life-threatening emergency situations. In order for me to be able to be the most helpful to all of my clients, it is important that I have time for myself as well, so please do NOT use the 911 code if your crisis does not require immediate assistance for non-life threatening problems. I will get back with you quickly.

    You can also contact me via e-mail at

    For most of my clients, I provide therapy services from my private office. This is located in Los Angeles near the areas of Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, Silverlake, Glendale, Pasadena & South Pasadena.

    If you are interested in having me provide training for your organization may call my voicemail/pager or send me an e-mail. I do provide trainings on  Sexuality, Gender Identity, Child Abuse, Trauma or Sandtray Therapy with teens and adults. Because it does take a long time to prepare a GREAT presentation, I will negotiate a reasonable fee for this service.  I have done trainings for many state agencies (such as Dept. of Probation, DCFS), psychiatric hospital staff, group home and residential treatment facilities, conferences, classrooms, mental health programs, etc. I enjoy providing interactive trainings and am happy to design a training with your specific needs in mind.