What to Expect After a Tragedy

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    Whenever tragedy strikes, there are some experiences that are pretty common for most survivors of trauma. Below is a list of these emotional reactions that are common following traumatic events:

Heightened Sense of Awareness


    Thinking about the trauma or abuse when you don’t want to

    Feeling like the trauma or abuse is happening as you think or talk about it

    Feeling freaked out, nervous or tense when you are near an area you were traumatized/abused or when  something symbolizes the trauma or abuse

    Flashbacks – suddenly feeling as though the events are happening in the present even though they are not

    Hard time focusing in school or other places

    Hard to fall asleep or stay asleep

    Feeling on guard all the time, constantly watching your back

    Irritability or outbursts of anger

    Very jumpy when you hear noises

 Avoidance of Traumatic Events or Abuse

    Avoid thoughts or feelings associated with the event or abuse

    Avoid activities or situations that remind you of the abuse or trauma

    Forgetting parts or all about the trauma or abuse

    Restricted range of feelings, feel numb, spaced out or detached, can’t feel all your feelings

    Can’t cry

    Sleep problems

    Decreased interest in fun activities that you used to enjoy

    Feel like you are going to die young, don’t expect to have a career, find a life partner or have children