Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating

Your Therapist & Your Therapy

Do I feel like my therapist listens to what I say? Do I feel heard?

Do I feel like my therapist understands what I try to tell him/her?

Does my therapist believe what I say?

Do I believe that my therapist cares about me? Do I know that my therapist likes me?

Do I trust my therapist? If no, has my therapist done something that has broken my trust, and if so, do I trust my therapist enough to regain my trust over time? 

Is my therapist trustworthy?

Has my therapist respected my personal boundaries?

Does my therapist respond well when I am in crisis?

Does my therapist help me to find my own answers?

Does my therapist give me advice? (Therapists are not supposed to give advice)

Does my therapist encourage me to use other resources to help me?

If you have been in therapy for awhile, have I made progress since I have been in therapy?

What are the things that I like about therapy?


What are the things that I wish were different about therapy?


Have I informed my therapist about my past history: abuse, substance use, and other significant events? If no, why not?


Do I tell my therapist about ways that I may put myself in harms way? For example, having unprotected sex, using drugs or alcohol to cope, cutting, etc. If not, why not?


Do I feel the need to keep secrets from my therapist? Why?

Do I believe that at some point I could share my secrets with my therapist if it would help me?

Does my therapist have good boundaries with me? Do I understand the "rules" of therapy?



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